Epilepsy and the Pharmacy

Of course, your neuro is the one you’re going to turn to first with any questions or problems with your epilepsy. But you know who else is really important to know? Your pharmacist.

The torso of a woman wearing a white coat and gloves, holding a large number of pills in blister packs.
All these pills are for you, my dear.

Your doctor is supposed to know all your medical conditions, and all the drugs you’re taking for anything besides your epilepsy. But seriously. They can’t always keep track of everything. You’ve got a lot of things going on just by virtue of having epilepsy. It’s not hard to lose track of medications, or dosages, or other medical conditions (aka comorbidities). So the next person on your “go to” list should be your pharmacist.

The pharmacists at our pharmacy are Sean and Jas. Sean and his wife went to Italy last summer, and they just had their first child. We’ve seen pictures. That’s how well we know him: and it pays off.

Pharmacists are experts in the drugs, I mean medications, you’re prescribed. And I mean experts. Sean has called me up before, asking if my doctor knew one of the drugs I was prescribed could affect my epilepsy. Obviously, he didn’t. I called my doctor to request a different antibiotic. (And note to self, lots of antibiotics will lower your seizure threshold.)

A good pharmacist will do that for you. All pharmacists should be able to do that. That’s why it’s so valuable to cultivate your pharmacist. They’ll be able to look for interactions between your medications, tell you to stay away from grapefruit juice, question whether you’re on too high a dose of something, and more. And unlike Google, they’ll be able to tell you true answers 😁

Take advantage of your pharmacist. Ask them as many questions as you can about your meds. And take the answers back to your doctor. It could improve your health and your seizure control.

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