So Long, Farewell

An older man, half facing the camera, looking at goodbyecamera and waving goodbye.

It’s been a good while since I posted. And even longer since I really felt I had much to say about epilepsy. It’s still very much present in my life. I haven’t had a seizure since I last posted, but obviously I’ve been taking my meds, keeping up on journal articles, and trying to figure out my way forward. I’m not sure any more that a blog format is the best way for me to promote epilepsy awareness, given my own skills.

I’m definitely a writer, not a speaker or an artist or a researcher. And I’m still just as passionate about raising public awareness of epilepsy. But I don’t think that the periodic, short-form writing of a blog works that well for me. I’m not sure it ever really did.

So I’ve decided to pivot. Rather than writing in a short form, I’m going to go for a book. I’ll be writing a book targeted at those who don’t have epilepsy but maybe know someone with it or have heard something about it. I’d like to share my experiences with epilepsy. I’ll be talking about how I grew with it and through it. It’ll be an adventure. I expect to find out things about myself that I didn’t know before; that’s part of writing, I think.

I’ve sometimes wondered if there’s anyone reading these posts; then sometimes I’ve wondered why I should worry about that. I’m not sure whether there’s anyone I’m saying goodbye to. But maybe it doesn’t matter. I’m saying goodbye to one way of promoting something I’m passionate about, and looking towards something better down the road.

I may yet post updates here about the book, but for right now I’m signing off. From here forwards, the page is blank – and I’m very much looking forward to writing on it.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

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