We’re moving! (Sort of)

After some thought, I’ve decided to change our address. A bunch of us with epilepsy, good bloggers all of us (I hope so), have decided to come together and create a shared blog. And since we all have slightly different perspectives on our conditions, we’re adopting a new name:

Epilepsy Empowered.

The subtitle for the blog is: “We are more powerful than what we have.” Because we are. Facing up to our epilepsy, and owning it, we empower ourselves. We push on through our lives, and hopefully we can inspire others with and without epilepsy. That’s what I think the blog will be about.

So I’ll be there. So will Pam, Andrea, Jamie, and Sheri. I don’t know just yet what, exactly, the system will be or what things will look like. Give us a bit of time, but I’m sure life will work itself out. It has a way of doing that.

When things are ready, I’ll give you the name. But for now, a heads-up. Thanks for listening.

3 thoughts on “We’re moving! (Sort of)”

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