Help for a seizure

An infographic with information on what to do, or not to do, in the event of a generalized tonic-clonic seizure.

A picture with the following text:

They’re Having A Seizure!
Good! Get involved, it’s easy to help!
1. Give them space – Clear away anything hard, anything sharp, anything that might hurt them.
2. Time It – Under 5 minutes, for someone with epilepsy, isn’t an emergency – don’t call 911!
3. Reassure – Waking up, they can be confused. Onlookers might be nervous. You have knowledge – you can keep them calm. It’ll be all right.

1. Hold Them Down – That’s a great way to injure them. You count as a “hard object”.
2. Put Stuff In Mouth – Unless of course you WANT your fingers bitten off. Seriously.
3. Back Off – The worst feeling for someone with epilepsy is thinking nobody cares. You care. You know what to do. You can help. Step up and care!

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